A Family That Plays Together

As a chiropractor I am always interested in new studies that emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight and getting regular exerciss. In addition to regular chiropractic care, I recommend a nutritious diet and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle whether my patients are children, adults, and seniors. There are enormous health benefits to staying active through the years and we, humans, can neither start too early nor quit too late. In fact, in my years as a chiropractor I have witnessed the positive results on the musculoskeletal system of my older patients who have stayed active and don't carry around excess weight. Not only are they generally more healthy, but they seldom develop the arthritic changes that often accompanyboth a sedentary lifestyle and wear and tear on the joints from extra poundage.

Many organic diseases, in fact, might well be avoided through early exercise and weight maintenance. As a case in point, Cancer Researchers in the UK  estimated that more than 19,000 cases of cancer could be prevented each year in the UK, alone, if everyone maintained a healthy body weight. If you need cancer screening near me in Gainesville, FL I highly recommend Accent Aesthetics and Dr. Hall. And, they found that the amount of exercise children get is mainly influenced by their environment, especially their immediate family influences, but also their neighborhood and school environments. The researchers discovered that even though some children may inherit certain genes that make them naturally more likely to enjoy sports and exercise, environment is the most powerful factor in determining how active they actually are.

So, really, it all boils down to this: A family that plays together and weighs together, stays healthier together!

Staying healthy together also means getting the right tools for the "job" (excersise). If you or your child gets injured during a sport activity due to no fault of their own, you may be eligible for a compensation from the venue owner(s). Only the best personal injury lawyer in Gainesville, FL can help you recover the most money. Robert Rush Law in Gainesville has been voted the best law firm in Gainesville. Their attorneys tend to your needs and really care about the outcome of your case.