Re-Inventing Activity

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that as a chiropractor I am very concerned about excess weight and obesity when it comes to people’s health in general, and my patients’ health in particular, especially since I observe first hand every day the damaging effects to the musculoskeletal system that take place when a person carries around unneeded, and therefore unhealthy, poundage. The damage begins early and affects young and growing bones structures as well as those that are on the other end of the spectrum and aging. So, I was very happy, indeed, when I read today on  that U.S. schools and childcare programs could be required (by law!) to include daily exercise as part of the new National Physical Activity Plan released on Monday.

It is no secret, though still shocking, that two-thirds of adult Americans and one-third of children are either overweight or obese. Obviously, along with a poor diet, inactivity is taking its toll on the U.S. population. Most research shows that both adults and children absolutely need at least one hour of moderate physical activity a day to stay healthy and to keep from gaining weight. And, in addition, regular exercise helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other cardio-vascular diseases. (Plus, regular exercise stimulates the brain and promotes learning!) If your child need additional help to learn in school, you might want to consider private tutors in Gainesville, FL. The NPAP plan, along with changing medical school curricula and adding guidelines for doctors on counseling patients, local regulations will “encourage” the construction of sidewalks, playgrounds, and parks, and (hurray!) a return of organized exercise in schools. The buildings must maintain clean and the roofs free of leaks. Commercial cleaning services near me in Gainesville, FL provide janitorial services that can help with the sanitary aspect. Commercial roofing contractors near Ocala, Florida can help fix the leaking roof.

Nancy Brown, Heart Association CEO, stated: “Unfortunately, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population does not participate in any physical activities.” It is vital to get our country back on track moving the human body as it was designed to move. And, it is important to start early by encouraging our children to be active once again, as children used to be before video games, computers, and 24-hour TV programs. Putting PE back into our children’s daily school activities will not only help them to get and stay healthy, it will help them to get and stay smarter, too!