New Exercise Facility for Wounded Warriors

A ribbon cutting just today marked the opening of a wounded warrior exercise facility here in Ventura County, and as a Florida chiropractor whose clinic is just across the street from the Naval Base, I couldn’t be more excited. The post construction cleaning crew did an amazing job on cleaning the facility. I am a passionate advocate of health and fitness, and nothing could be more important for our injured military men and women than to have a state-of-the-art, “military-only” facility where they can rehab among their peers.

This facility was built as part of a national program called the Wounded Warrior Project. The Naval Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme is one of the first bases to have a special place for injured military personnel to work out. It is encouraging, especially after the horrible medical treatment of the recent past, that the health and welfare of the men and women serving our country has become a priority throughout our country.

And, I am especially happy that Ventura County is among the first to have such a facility. I see our courageous Navy men and women every day at the market or jogging on the beach. Their camaraderie is almost palpable. I believe that those injured will heal more quickly if they are able to rehabilitate among their peers. The exercise facility will also have personal trainers on hand to help.

Physical fitness is vital for all human beings and it is exemplary that the Navy is creating a culture of fitness for all Navy personnel, including our wounded warriors.